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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What are the effects of various land reforms in Pakistan on our economy or Discuss the economic and social effects of the land reforms in Pakistan?

The various land reforms introduced particularly from 1958 to 1977 have a far reaching effect on our social political and economic life. Following are the important advantages of the land reforms:


1. Tenants Rights of Ownership :-
This right was accepted first time and more the tenant is taking greater interest in increasing the production of land. Because occupancy has got the right of ownership of land.

2. Reduction in the Size of Land Holding :-
The big landlords size of land holding has been reduced due to the land reforms.

3. Improvement in Agriculture :-
Now the landlords are taking keen interest in their land due to small holdings. They are using the modern inputs to increase the production.

4. Advantage of Consolidation :-
Due to the consolidation of land our farmer is using the land more efficiently and it has increased the per acre yield.

5. Elimination of Big Landlords Superiority :-
The land reforms have greatly reduced the superiority of big landlords and it has reduced the unequal distribution of wealth in the country.

6. No Further Division :-
The limit of economic holding and subsistence holding is fixed in the land reforms. So there will be no further division of land.

7. Relief From Exploitation :-
Now the tenants are relieved of the exploitation of the big landlords. They can not be ejected easily. Now they are not under the influence in the election days.

8. Relief from Tax Burden :-
Due to these reforms tenants have relieved of the burden of taxes because various tax concessions have been given in these reforms to the tenants and main taxes will be born by the landlords.

9. Increase in Middle Income Group :-
The number of middle income group will increase which is more mobile independent and progressive. They would be in a better position to take advantage of education and health facilities provided by the government.

10. Changes in Politics :-
Now the influence of big landlords has been reduced and in the election people have rejected many big landlords in various elections. So it shows that land reforms have played a significant role in politics also.

11. Increase in Aggregate Demand :-
Land reforms have improved the financial condition of the farmers and due to this demand of manufactured goods is increasing day by day. The market of industrial goods has widened.

No doubt the effects of the land reforms positive on our economy, but the big landlords always tried best to create hurdles in the implementation of these reforms. They transferred their excess land to their relatives in past dates. They have given only poor quality of land. Still there are many problems for the tenants, but it is fact that land reforms have played very effective role in the socio economic condition of small farmer.


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